How do I use Advanced Category Management?

Due to the variance of category sets across our publisher network, we are ecstatic to give you the ability to control your categories on a site-to-site basis. This feature will provide a whole new level of visibility into how your business is categorized across the web. Here's how it works:

1. Click into a location's "Categories" section of your Location Manager. After doing so, you will want to click on the "Advanced" hyperlink in the bottom right corner, as seen below.


 2. After clicking on this hyperlink, a new window will appear with the location's categories broken down by publisher site. You can review each publisher site's categories for that location by navigating the side bar labeled "Category Lists."


3. If you need to change/add a category on a specific publisher site, select the "Override categories" option and then click on "+Add a category." You can begin typing the category you wish to add and the possible results will auto-populate. If you wish to remove a category simply click on the trash icon next to it. 

Once you are done editing your advanced categories, select "Apply" and these changes will be saved. You should expect to see these changes reflect on the actual listings within a few days for most publisher sites. 

NOTE: When syncing your Google My Business listing(s) to your Yext dashboard, it is advised to make sure that you are providing the same category on our end as what Google already has listed before opting in. This will help avoid the off-chance of Google requiring you to reverify your business. 


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