I just signed up. When will my listings go Live?

After your sign up for a Yext subscription, you will have 4 hours to identify existing listings on our partner publisher sites.  Any listings you don't match manually, we will handle for you automatically.  

Once matched, listings will immediately start processing. Many listings will start going live within the first 24-72 hours. However, some larger and older listing sites, such as Yahoo, Bing, and Whitepages may take a bit longer to process fully. These sites can take about 3-5 days to show as "Live" in your dashboard, and in some cases it can be longer.

To learn more about the different listing statuses, you can view this Help Center article

A few listing sites require you to link an account in order for those listings to go live. These sites are Facebook, Foursqaure, Google My Business, and Waze. To learn more about linking these accounts with Yext, please click here.

Please note that Google requires a verification step through Google directly in order to support your listing on their site, so this step must be completed prior to syncing your Google My Business account with Yext. You can learn more about verifying your business on Google here

Waze is managed by Google My Business, so whenever your Google My Business listing goes live, so will your Waze listing.

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