Xone Service FAQ


  • When will my Xone™ subscription end?


      • Your Xone subscription will end on the date specified in your current Xone agreement. Xone will remain fully active and supported until that date.


  • Will my PowerListings® subscription be impacted?


      • No, your PowerListings subscription will experience no interruptions or changes.


  • If my beacon dies during my Xone subscription, will I get a replacement beacon?


      • Yes. Yext will fulfill Xone through the end of your subscription, which includes replacing beacons mid-subscription if need be. If you have a beacon that malfunctions or dies during your subscription, reach out to your account manager or to our support portal to get a replacement.


  • What will happen to the custom audiences and/or segments that I’ve set up on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Yahoo? Will I be able to keep them?


      • Any custom audiences or segments that you’ve set up in Facebook (which includes Instagram), Twitter, or Yahoo will remain available. When your Xone subscription ends, however, these lists will be removed from the Yext dashboard. Any additions or removals to the lists will no longer be synced, but you will still retain the ability to run ads against any pre-existing lists.
      • For any custom audiences or segments you would like to keep, we encourage you to create and sync them to any of the ad networks above before your subscription ends.


  • What if I'm currently running a campaign(s) against my Xone Audience? Will I need to shut those campaigns down?


    • You will not need to shut your campaigns down and any advertising IDs that have already been pushed to the ad networks above will not be deleted. When your subscription ends, however, any custom audiences you’ve created will no longer be updated as new users enter your Xone(s), nor will your Audience data or the Xone tab appear in the Yext dashboard.
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