I'm still seeing incorrect information on my listings. What does this mean?

When you sign up with Yext, we are able to claim and update one listing for your business on each of the sites in our network, but there might be times where you still see inconsistencies. Please see below for what the reason might be. 


I'm seeing incorrect information on my Yext PowerListings.

While many of the publishers in our partner network have update times of immediate - 24 hours, some may take a bit longer. Yahoo, Bing, and WhitePages specifically can take 1-2 weeks to update. This is likely the reason you might still be seeing incorrect information on your PowerListings.

If you are seeing incorrect information on the search results page or details page, this is likely because the publisher itself has not updated these external areas. Yext manages the content on the listing specifically, but it is up to the publisher and search engines themselves to update the other areas. 

It is also important to note that each publisher accepts a different number of fields from us, so it is possible the incorrect information you are seeing on your listing is provided by a different source. To learn more about the specific fields each publisher takes from Yext, please see the "Field Capabilities" attachment below.  

I'm still seeing incorrect info on other listings.

Yext can only manage the listing information on publisher sites in our partner network. If you are finding wrong information on publisher sites out of our network, please contact that site directly. You can often find a publisher's direct contact information through a support form on their website. 

You also are able to submit your information to a data aggregator, which will distribute your updated business information to different publishers, including some out of our network. You can contact a few of the largest data providers online by clicking the following links:

Additionally, it is possible publisher sites in our network may have more than one listing for your business that were created prior to your sign up with Yext. Sometimes these listings even have incorrect or outdated information about your business. If you believe this may be the case, please reach out to our Support Team at

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