Get Down to Basics

The first step to ensuring your business is listed correctly is adding your business's basic information.  Add your business hours, description, photos, even a special offer anything you want potential customers to find easily and consistently across the web.

Pro Tip:  To edit your business information, visit the Knowledge Manager tab in your account and click into whatever field you'd like to update.

Business Hours

Add your normal business and holiday hours to make sure customers know you are available when they need you.

Business Description

Add in a quick description to give your customers a better understanding of what you provide, your local service areas and more.  Think of this as an "About Us" for the business.

Photos & Visuals

Visuals such as your sign, logo, 'before and afters', and headshots should be added to your dashboard to give people quick and easy insight into your business. (Who likes reading anyways!)

Featured Message

Add in a special offer, tagline or time sensitive update to help you stand out from your competitors.  This message should be 50 characters or less and normally appears right under your business's name on search engine results pages.  This feature is exclusive to Yext.

*Tip: Clients who update their featured message at least once a month, tend to see more traffic to their listings.  

Those are the basics!  Now let's add the details!

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