How do I install a Yext widget?

A widget is an add-on that can be created in your Yext dashboard and installed onto your website to sync and display content such as social posts, reviews, and Enhanced Content Lists. Widgets are installed using HTML embed codes or a WordPress plug-in (if applicable). Once installed, Enhanced Content Lists update in real time when changes are submitted in your Location Manager and posts and reviews can be sent directly to your website from our app or your Yext dashboard.

Installation Methods

There are two ways to install a widget from Yext onto your website Embed Code and WordPress Plugin. 

Embed Code

The embed code is designed to work on almost any web platform. It can be found in your Yext Dashboard through the instructions below.

  1. Log into your Yext account at
  2. Click "Location Manager" in the top grey bar. 
  3. Click "Widgets" in the blue banner.
  4. Click on the type of Widget you would like to install.
  5. Select "Embed Code" under "Choose your installation method."
  6. Copy and paste the embed code below into your website's HTML editor where you would like your content to appear.
  7. Once your widget is installed, update your content in Yext and watch it sync! 

WordPress Plugin

WordPress is a web content management system that is very popular among small business websites. There is a Yext plugin available for download. Yext will then provide you with an authentication key as well as short code for your widget.

  1. Log into the back-end of your Wordpress site.
  2. Click "Plugins."
  3. Click "Add New."
  4. Search for "Yext."
  5. Click "Install," then click "Activate Plugin."
  6. On the left-hand sidebar (below Plugins), click "Yext."
  7. Paste the Authentication Code into the box (found in the Widgets section of your Yext dashboard).
  8. Copy the shortcode for the widget you would like to install, including the brackets.
  9. Go to the page on which you want the widget to appear.
  10. Paste the shortcode in the desired location on this page.
  11. Click "Update" on the right side of the page and your widget will appear on your website!
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