How do customers find my listings?

Yext helps businesses manage their local listings online. This means that your listings will be searchable in local search results. Local search results are found by searching for a type of business or a name of a business in a specific area. With that being said, your customers will be able to find your local listings by searching for your type of business, which is provided by your categories that have been added to your dashboard, or by searching directly for your business name.

Your listing can also come up in search results when your customers perform "near me" searches. For example, if your business is a pizza place in New York City, your listings will have the ability to be found if your customer searches for "pizza in New York City." Additionally, if the customer is currently in NYC and has their location services on, your business can be found in searches for "pizza near me."

Publisher sites in our network also have a variety of ways of presenting the search field. Yelp, for example, has separate boxes to enter the keyword and location, whereas Yahoo only has one section to enter both the keyword and the area you are searching in. While the format may be different, both searches will yield similar results. The varying layouts of these search fields can be seen below. 

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