What does my listing status mean?

Once you sign up for Yext PowerListings, your listings can be one of five different statuses: Tasks Pending, Processing, Live, Unavailable and Opted Out. Each of these statuses are outlined below:

Tasks Pending: As soon as you purchase your Yext PowerListings package, your listings will be in a "Tasks Pending" status. This status remains for about the first four hours after signing up. This status gives you the opportunity to go into your account and choose specific existing listings on our partnered publisher sites that you would like to match to and manage from your dashboard.

To start this process, simply click the "Identify Listings" button on the right side of the PowerListings screen. The button can be seen below. 

Processing: After the first four hours pass or after you have gone in your account to identify your listings, your listings' statuses will transition from "Tasks Pending" to "Processing." When a listing is showing as "Processing" this means that we have submitted your information over to that publisher site and that we are in the process of establishing the connection between your Yext dashboard and the listing.

Live: Once Yext has made the connection with the publisher and the publisher has received the information in your dashboard and has made a connection back to Yext, your listing will go live! This means that the information in your Location Manager should be reflected on your listing and any future edits should have near real-time updates. This also means that you are now in full control of your listing since we have put a lock on your listing preventing outside sources from editing your information. 

Unavailable: When a listing shows that it is "Unavailable," Yext has made a connection with the publisher, but there is some sort of blocker that is preventing Yext from updating the information on that listing. If you have an unavailable listing and would like to see why, just click on the blue "Why?" button next to the red "Unavailable" status, as seen below:

Opted Out: If you do not want to manage a specific listing through your Yext dashboard, you have the opportunity to opt out of that listing. You can do this by clicking the drop-down button next to "View Listing" and then you will see the "Opt Out" button, as seen below.


Once you have opted out of a listing, Yext will no longer send the information from your Location Manager over to that publisher, so you will not be able to manage that listing through Yext.

If you decide in the future that you would like to reverse this decision, you can click the "Opt In" button on the right side of the page. This will then switch the status from "Opted Out" to "Processing."




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