How do I Make my Google My Business Go From Unavailable to Live?

  1. Please ensure that your business is verified in your Google My Business account. If you are not sure, check out this Help Center article: How To Request Verification of Your Business on Google
  2. Log into your Yext account at
  3. Click on "PowerListings" from the top grey bar.
  4. Navigate to Google My Business in the list of PowerListings.
  5. Click "Opt out."
  6. Go to the Listing Status menu in the top left of your screen.
  7. Click on "Opted Out." Here you will find Google My Business.
  8. Click on "Opt in."
  9. Go to the Listing Status menu in the top left of the page.
  10. Click on "Processing."
  11. Navigate to Google My Business.
  12. Click "Set up."
  13. Follow the steps to set up Google My Business. Your business should have a green check-mark  on the "Match your Location" page.
  14. Google My Business will now be listed as Processing in your Yext account. Its status should change to live shortly.





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