Review Monitoring


The Review Monitoring tool allows you to track, share, and respond to reviews right from the dashboard.

Where the feature shows up in your dashboard will depend on which package you have. If you have the "Ultimate" package, click the "Reviews" tab and click into the "Monitoring" sub-tab from the dark-gray navigation bar. If you have the "Professional" package, click the "Listings" tab and then click the"Reviews" sub-tab in the green navigation bar.

What Can You Do With a Review?

Hover over the desired review and select an action from the drop-down menu that appears on the left.


Respond: You or your clients can respond to reviews from right inside the dashboard. To learn more about this feature, visit the article "How to Respond to Reviews"

Email:  You or your clients can email a review to anyone you'd like.  For example, if your client gets a review about one of their employees, they can email it to the employee directly.  Note, this email will match your branding settings.

Post:  You can also share a positive review by posting it to Facebook, Foursquare, Google+, and/or your client's business website so more people can see great feedback about your client's business.  

Pro Tip: If you'd like your clients to be able to view and share reviews from the dashboard, add them as a user with the appropriate access permission.

Advanced Filter

We recommend using the Advanced Filter to filter your view based on location.  You can also filter by other criteria such as keywords and star ratings.  To create a filter click on the "Advanced Filter" button, choose your criteria, and click "Apply Filter".


Review Notifications

To set up a review notification, click into the "Manage review notifications" link on the 'Reviews' page.  This will direct you to your account settings where you can specify what reviews you would like to be notified about.  

For example, you can specify that you would like to be notified every time a review comes in with a star rating of 3 or less.  You can also indicate the frequency of these emails.


*Note: This email will also match your branding settings.


You can use the “Export” button to export reviews to a spreadsheet if you'd like to work with them in Excel.

Site Specific Limitations  

Not all of the sites in our network support the review monitoring feature.  You’ll find a list of the sites that do on the left-hand side of the "Reviews" page.

Additionally, we're currently only able to pull in the 3 "most relevant" reviews for Yelp.  As new, relevant reviews come in, they will replace existing ones in the dashboard.  

*Note: The total number of reviews and average rating displayed at the top of the "Reviews" page will encompass all reviews on Yelp, not just the "most relevant".

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