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With Yext sync for Facebook, you are able to easily manage each client's Facebook business page, as well as view analytics about the page and how it is being used by consumers. While Yext sync for Facebook does offer tools to manage your content and connect with consumers, it does have several limitations. This article will outline those limitations and list the requirements to properly sync your page with Yext.


  • Facebook requires a cover photo and profile picture for every business page managed through Yext. Your Facebook page will not go live until these photos are added from your Yext account. For accepted dimensions click here.
  • If you are syncing to an existing Facebook Page, in order for the page to go live, you must link your Facebook account with the administrator’s login information.
    • If the page is unclaimed, Yext will make the email on file the admin on the account.


  • Yext will automatically sync content from your Yext account to your client's Facebook page. This includes updating the address, phone number and photo gallery.
  • You can change your cover photo and profile picture through the Yext Dashboard.
  • Any enhanced content such as products and services lists, staff bios or calendars will be added, including any customization.
  • You can create posts containing text, photos, links or reviews from your other Yext listings! (Found in the 'Listings' tab under 'Posts')
  • You can view analytics for any Facebook business page. Available metrics include page views, likes, the number of people talking about your page, and the number of people who have visited your location.
  • Posts will automatically be generated whenever you change the featured message, or upload a new photo or video.


Tasks that cannot currently be completed through Yext:

  • Delete posts not created by Yext
  • Target certain demographics
  • Edit your business name or category
  • Promote Posts

Common Issues

  • When Yext creates a page for you, or syncs with an unclaimed page, the account you used to set up the link with Facebook will be the administrator. To add addition administrators, log into Facebook and add admins directly on your business page. 
  • After Yext syncs with your page, and you change the password to the linked Facebook account, Yext will no longer have access to sync content to your Facebook page. To fix this you must re-link your Facebook account in "Linked Accounts” under "Account Settings.”
  • Some partners prefer to turn off the automatic posting.  Please note that at this time, this can not be done through your account.  In order to do this, contact partner support, and we would be happy to turn this option off for you!


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