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Patients are increasingly turning to online resources when deciding where to seek care. With more patients using search engines and online healthcare directories to find doctors and facilities, it’s more important than ever that healthcare providers supply immediate access to accurate information about their physicians and facilities.

The Yext Healthcare Location Cloud is purpose-built to help you solve the office, facility and physician location data challenges facing healthcare providers.

Can I add the Yext Ultimate Package to a Healthcare Professional or Facility location?

While we have no problem monitoring reviews for Healthcare customers, Review Response is not a feature we have available for these types of locations. As such, the Ultimate package (which is highlighted by the Review Response feature) should not be applied to Healthcare locations. We have a strategic partnership with Binary Fountain, a HIPAA-compliant healthcare reviews company, to help you provide this solution for your customers. 


What if my customer cannot find their NPI number?

A NPI (National Provider Identifier) number is required for a Healthcare Professional listing. If your customer is unsure of their NPI number, there are free public registries available. Here is a registry sponsored by the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. 

NPI numbers do not appear on the listings. They are used to establish that the listing belongs in that healthcare specific directory.


Which publishers are included in the Healthcare Pub Pack?

BetterDoctor, DocSpot, DrScore, EZDoctor, Vitals, UCompareHealthCare &

Please note that only and BetterDoctor support Healthcare Facility location types at this time. All publishers support Healthcare Professional location types.


How do I know if a publisher supports my client's specialty? 

If there’s a category available for the Professional/Facility in Advanced Category Management, the publisher supports that specialty. Please note that on listings, "Categories" are displayed as "Specialties".


What unique attributes are available on the dashboard?

  • Specialties
  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Office name
  • Gender
  • NPI
  • Headshot
  • Conditions treated
  • Languages spoken
  • Cluster index
  • Procedures performed
  • Associations
  • Patient Access
    • Admitting hospitals
    • Accepting new patients
    • Insurance accepted
  • Qualifications and Experiences
    • Degrees
    • Education & training
    • Certifications


Do Healthcare Publishers support duplicate suppression? 

Yes - BetterDoctor, DrScore, support duplicate suppression.

The scan searches for the Professional’s first name, last name, NPI, address and phone number. Duplicates are interpreted the same as with any other publisher - ⅔ NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) match.

No - DocSpot, EZDoctor, Vitals & UCompareHealthcare do not support duplicate suppression. 

On these publishers, each doctor is only allowed a single profile. For this reason, duplicates are not as big of an issue as on other publishers. If a doctor closes one of their locations, and that managed by Yext, they are able to mark that location as "closed" in the Knowledge Manager.


What if the doctor works out of 2+ locations?

A doctor that works in 2 locations could have 1 listing that displays both addresses. For example, If 1 doctor works out of 2 locations each week, some publishers will support multiple locations on a single listing. DocSpot, EZDoctor, Vitals & UCompareHealthcare support clustering.

  • Ex. Dr. Smith - 10 5th Avenue, New York, NY (For Monday - Wednesday)
  • Ex. Dr. Smith - 5 72nd Avenue, New York, NY (For Thursday - Friday)

**Only healthcare professionals are eligible for clustering. Clustering links a single professional’s multiple locations together. The Doctor's single NPI is the cluster key. You must buy separate subscriptions for each location in which the doctor operates. 


How does Google treat clustering?

Google will preference the location that is open the day the patient searches for the practice.

  • Will show all separate locations for the doctor
  • Will differentiate based on hours, if open/closed
  • Will prioritize listings for open locations
  • Will not mark as a duplicate - Google accepts this specific provision


What are best practices in naming?

Individual Practitioners: If a practitioner is the sole public-facing practitioner at a location, represents a branded organization and he/she is directly contactable at the verified location during stated hours, you will need one listing. There should not be multiple listings to cover all of his/her specialties.

  1. A shared listing with the organization
    • Brand/company: Practitioner name
    • Page #1: Main Street Clinic: Dr. Smith, M.D.


Multiple Practitioners at 1 Location: If the practitioner is 1 of several public-facing practitioners at this location, you will need separate listings - 1 for the facility, and 1 for each of the doctors at that facility. The doctors should not share a listing with the facility.

  1. A separate listing for the facility
    •  Page #1: Main Street Hospital
  2. A separate listing for each professional who wishes to have one
    • Name, Degree Abbreviation
    • Page #2: Dr. Smith, M.D.
    • Page #3: Dr. Jones, M.D.




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