Review Insights


The Review Insights section allows you to track a set of review-based analytics, giving you and your clients a top level view of review performance.

What Can You Do With Review Insights?



You can *filter insights by any of the following:

  • Location or any folders/labels available in Location Manager
  • Timeframe
  • Publisher site

* Filters will impact all of the insights on the page. We recommend using the Advanced Filter to modify your view to the specific location/s.  You can also filter by other criteria such as keywords and star ratings.  To create a filter, click into the preferred field, choose your criteria, and click "Apply Filter."

Export Data

You can export the data available on the Insights page by:

  • Downloading CSV of raw data
  • Downloading PDF of Insights page
  • Integrating via API
  • Subscribing to emails with PDF of Insights page attached Coming Soon

Emailing a monthly PDF is a great way to leverage review analytics in your service offering and help with client retention.

Report by:

Geographic Location


The Map insight plots each location. Each dot will represent an individual location. The size of the dot corresponds to the location’s volume of reviews, and color the corresponds to the location’s average rating. There is a legend in the bottom right corner to educate users on what the varying sizes and colors indicate. To the left of the map, there is a table of all locations’ review volume and rating

To drill down to an individual location, click on one of the dots on the map OR click on one of the rows in the table. The table will update to show stats for that location:

*Note: If you click on any of the blue linked locations in the table, the dashboard will direct you to the specified location’s profile in Location Manager.


The Reviews by Site insight allows you and your clients to see how the reviews break down by publisher site. Facebook, Google, Yelp, and First-Party are displayed individually, while all other third-party sites are grouped together.

Hovering over the insight will allow the raw numbers for the time period to display.

Rating Distribution

The Rating Distribution insight allows users to decipher the overall average rating by displaying how the reviews are distributed between 1 and 5 stars.

If a user hovers over the insight, the raw numbers for the time period will display. 

Rolling Average

The Rolling Average Rating insight displays the average rating per day for up to 90 days.

Compare Location Performance

The Location Performance insight is a scatterplot of all of the locations in the filtered subset, comparing review volume vs. average rating. The locations are grouped into two categories: Top Performers (green area) and Low Performers (red area.)

Word Frequency

The Word Frequency insight pulls in the most commonly used words in the subset of reviews. The size of the circle corresponds to how often the word was used in reviews and color corresponds to the average rating of the reviews the word was used in.


The Generation insight is dedicated to review generation efforts. This allows you to compare the number of review invitations sent out via the Yext platform  vs. the number of reviews collected.



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