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Uber has become the ultimate marketing vehicle to drive customers directly from location search to your doorstep. Here's how you can leverage the integration between Yext and Uber:

1. Generate a “Ride With Uber” link right from the Yext Location Cloud. Add that link to your location pages, email marketing, and other digital communications — making it easy for customers to visit you in person with a single tap.

2. Engage customers during their rides using Uber’s Trip Branding feature. Link from within the Uber app to a local offer, special, or destination of your choice while customers are en route.

How to Generate a "Ride With Uber" link

In your Location Manager screen, you will now see an "Uber" section where you have the option to configure "Ride With Uber" links that, when clicked, open the Uber app with the business preset as the destination. You have the option to choose whether to create a button image or a simple link.


Additionally, You can also copy a few lines of code that allows you to embed that button or link on your own websites, in email campaigns, or in other digital marketing activities.

We've also added a metric to our Analytics dashboard, "Uber Link Clicks". This allows you to see how many people clicked on a location's "Ride With Uber" link.

Trip Branding

Once an Uber user has tapped a “Ride With Uber” link and is en route to your customer’s location, they're probably interested in what they can do, eat, or buy when they arrive. That’s where Uber’s new Trip Branding feature comes in. With Trip Branding, your customers can link to their menu, local offers, specials, or other URL of their choice directly from the Uber app during a user's ride. 

In Location Manager, you or your customers can set a display message and URL that they'd like to appear in the Uber app while customers are en route.

With Trip Branding, businesses can highlight any information they'd like users to see while they're on their way:

- Restaurants  can link to their menus so hungry customers can get a head start on choosing what they’d like to eat.
- Retailers  can link to local specials or timely offers so customers can see what's on sale before they arrive.
- Hotels  can allow users to view stay details and check into their rooms on the way there.

*Please note that these features will not affect your Listings


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