Yelp Specifications


Yelp has a strict set of guidelines that each new listing submitted to their site must meet before going live. Each business must meet all the requirements below to be accepted by Yelp. There are also some restrictions that apply to listings on Yelp.


  • Businesses must have a local, personal presence and provide local services.
  • New businesses added to Yelp must have a website attached to their listing.
  • Businesses must have an address listed, and this address must also be reflected on their website for support.
  • Business name and phone number must match exactly what is expressed on the website.
  • The Name / Address / Phone for your business as provided to Yext must match what is on your website.

If you don’t meet any of these criteria your listing may continue to show as processing or unavailable until they are resolved.


  • Business name must be 64 characters or less
  • No "spammy" business names or descriptions. This includes adding keywords to the name of the business, or entering a list of terms or keywords in your description. Instead, Yelp likes to see a written description about the business that will be informative to the client and give them an idea of what your business provides
  • Business descriptions must be at least 15 characters, and may not exceed 1000 characters
  • No lead-generation networks or dispatch services.
  • No direct-sales organizations (tupperware parties, Mary Kay, etc)
  • No online-only businesses.
  • No product vendors
  • No short-term events - Yelp does host listings for performing arts, but they should be relatively fixed locations. CATS on Broadway is totally fine, Green Day's 3-day stint at MSG would not be.
  • There's not an outright prohibition on B2B providers but they should fit within Yelp's category structure. Accountants or web design firms that serve small local businesses are fine, industrial suppliers are not, for example.
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