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This article explains Enhanced Content Lists: how to make one, and how they can be used to benefit business listings for your clients.


Yext Content Lists differentiate business listings and search results to go beyond the where and show customers why they should visit. To make a list, you must first log into your dashboard, and click on the 'Location Manager' tab on the top left of your screen. Select the type of list that you wish to create, and get started! You can assign these lists on a client by client basis.

There are 4 different types of lists that can be created:

  • Products/Services – This list allows business owners to highlight featured products or services by showcasing them complete with a list of items, prices photos, and a description and more.
  • Bios – Showcase the people behind your client's business. Bios allow the business to display their staff with a photo and description to complement them.
  • Menus – Have clients that are restaurants?  Add flavor to their listings by providing your complete menu with photos and descriptions!
  • Events – Showing all of your clients' events with descriptions, start and end times, and complete details.

There are two ways to create a list: manually, or with a spreadsheet! Each are explained below:

  • Manual: Create your list using our forms. If you have just a few lists, and are creating them here for the first time, this is the simplest way to create them. You will enter each item one by one, and we will publish them in list form for you. With this method, your list can be finished and published in minutes!
  • Do it with a spreadsheet: Import one or more lists in our spreadsheet format. This is a good option for Partners who have many client lists and would like to be able to edit them, review them, and submit them all at once.  

IMPORTANT: When creating and editing lists be mindful of which location you're associating them with. You can affect this in two ways.

  • When creating: Once you've chosen how you're going to create your list you'll be asked which location or locations you want to associate it with.
  • While editing: You can also change which locations a list is associated with at anytime while editing them, utilizing the menu at the top right.



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