How to Create & Use Folders

Folders allow you to organize all of your client location information. If you have a multi-location business or work in different verticals, using folders can help you use your account more efficiently.

To create a folder, head over to the "Knowledge Manager" tab and click "Add a Folder" on the left-hand side. Once you add a name and save it, you’ll be able to move multiple locations into the folder.

To move locations into a folder, check the box on the left-hand side of each desired location and click “More Actions”. From the drop-down menu, click “Move to Folder” and select the folder you would like to move it to.

Once you have your locations organized into different folders, you can filter by folder. For example, in the "Listings" tab, you can create an advanced filter to only view the locations that are in a specific folder.                                 

 Similarly, you can create an advanced filter on the "Reports" page in order to view the data associated with a specific folder.

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