Understanding 'Unavailable' Listings


This article explains the reasons why a listing would be marked as 'unavailable'.


You may notice that some listings in your account are 'unavailable.' This can happen for a number of reasons, and the quickest way to figure out why is by clicking on the 'Listings' tab in your account. Once there, you can select the listing in question, and view the unavailable reason by clicking 'Why?' This will give you detailed information on why that specific listing is unavailable.

Here are some popular unavailable reasons that you may in your account:


  • Bing Error: Previously Verified (Bing has indicated to us that they cannot provide a Yext listing for this location because it is already controlled by another source. In this situation, we cannot manage the listing.)


  • Citysearch Error:  Citysearch has indicated to us that they cannot provide a Yext listing for this location because it is already part of their paid advertiser network. We will not be able to provide a listing in this situation.


  • Facebook: "No page" (Facebook does not have a places page for your location. As such, we are unable to provide you with a Yext listing for this location. In this situation, you can go through the syncing process and allow us to create a Facebook page for your business.)
  • Facebook: Password has changed (Facebook does not recognize the authentication token for the user linked to this account.  This may be because the user changed the password since the time the session was created or Facebook has changed the session for security reasons.  Please try to relink your Facebook account under Account Settings/Linked Accounts. Most of the time relinking the account will remedy this issue.)
  • Facebook: Linked user is not a page manager. (The user associated with this account does not have permission to grant us access to the listing page. In this situation, you must figure out which e-mail address is associated as a manager of your Facebook page and relink the Facebook through your Yext account using this e-mail address.)
  • Facebook: No cover photo or profile photo (Yext requires a Cover Photo and a Profile Picture to sync with Facebook.  Please provide them in your location profile.)
  • Facebook: City not accepted (Facebook did not accept the city you provided. Please try using a different city in your state. Most of the time, you can figure out the proper city through USPS.)


  • Foursquare Error: Missing an offer. Foursquare requires that all Special Offers include some kind of deal, discount, or coupon. Since your Featured Message is not a deal, discount, or coupon, we are unable to display it on your Foursquare Yext listing. To remedy this, please see this article where you can find details on how to add a Featured Message
  • Foursquare Error: No Foursquare Category. Foursquare does not have a category available for your type of business, and as such, we are unable to create your listing on Foursquare. For a complete list of categories available on foursquare, see: If you're able to find a suitable category, we can add that for you manually to get the listing live. Contact for assistance.
  • Foursquare Error: Not Connected.  Your business content is synced with the listing but you are unable to post to the listing.  Please link an account in order to post to this page.


  • Yahoo Error: This listing has already been added (Yahoo has indicated to us that they cannot provide a Yext listing for this location because it is already a paid advertiser on their website. We will not be able to provide a listing in this situation.)
  • Yahoo Error: phone is INVALID or phone is MISSING (The phone number for this listing is toll-free, and Yahoo requires you provide a local numbers to add a Yext listing. See article at the bottom of this page for instructions on how to remedy this.)

Special Cases

These listings are not technically 'unavailable,' as we can make updates, but they will read 'unavailable' in the account.


  • Superpages Error: SuperPages has indicated to us that you have already claimed your listings on their site or are already a paid advertiser directly with them. Yext will be able to add some of your content automatically but to edit the rest of your information please log into your SuperMedia account. In this situation, we will not be able to fully manage the listing, and it will remain unavailable in your account.


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