Profile Types

In order to add a location to the Yext Healthcare Location Cloud, you must first indicate the type of location you are going to be subscribing to the feature. This is referred to as the Profile Type (located in the Internal Use Only section of your Location Manager). Based on the nature of our Publishers (and the fields that Yext delivers to them), there are two different types of Healthcare Profile Types you can choose from, before adding the service (note: a location must be subscribed to Listings in addition to the Healthcare offering). We have added enhancements to the Location Cloud to distinguish between “Facilities” and “Professionals.

  • A Healthcare Professional Profile Type is for an individual Professional (e.g., Dr. John Smith). The Healthcare Professional profile type unlocks fields such as Degrees, Education & Training, and Certifications. You are able to link or “cluster” locations together for a professional if they happen to work out of multiple locations. This allows a Professional with multiple locations to be listed on our Healthcare Publishers that only allow for a single Professional Profile (but multiple addresses). A NPI (National Provider Identifier) number is required for a Healthcare Professional.
  •  A Healthcare Facility Profile Type encompasses an entire physical location (e.g., North Street Hospital). This profile type is similar to our standard Locations, but gives you the ability to submit the location to our Healthcare Publishers (in additional to new healthcare-specific fields). A NPI number is NOT required for a Healthcare Facility location, but the field is available in the Location Manager. 

Once you have selected the proper Profile Type for a location, you will be prompted to fill out additional fields to officially change the type of location. It is important to note that once you have chosen a Healthcare Profile Type, you cannot revert to another type.  

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