How to Identify & Match Listings

Within the first 4 hours of adding a location, you have the option to manually match to existing listings on the publisher sites. 

How to Identify Listings

  1. Navigate to the "Listings" tab in your dashboard.
  2. Click "Identify Listings".


3.  Review each match on the next page by clicking "Yes" or "No" accordingly.

Note: Make sure to click "Yes" even if the listing has some outdated information, so we can match to this listing and correct the information.

If You Don't See a Match

If you choose "No", a pop up window will appear where you can enter specific information to search for an existing listing on that publisher.

If your search returns a match, click "Select". Otherwise, click on the "Add Listing" link to create a listing on that publisher.

Clicking “More Options ▾” will bring up a drop-down menu below that lays out alternate options.

*Note: You will only be able to do this within the first four hours after you sign up a location. Once the four hours pass, we will match the listings for you.

 If You Want to Opt Out of a Listing

There are two ways to opt out of a listing on a particular publisher site during the first four hours. If the status for that publisher is Tasks Pending, then you can opt out by clicking the down arrow next to "Identify Listings." If the status is Processing, then you can simply click the "Opt Out" button on the right. 






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