Understanding a Listing's Status in the Dashboard

You will likely encounter a number of different notifications, or statuses when you look at your customer's listings in the Dashboard. These notifications are set up to let you know if action needs to be taken, the current state of the listing, or if there are any issues with syncing up information. This article will explain the various listing statuses and notifications, and what they mean for your account!

Tasks Pending:


Tasks Pending indicates that there is still action that needs to be taken for this listing. This message appears in the four hour window, when a subscription is first activated. You can find out more about the four hour window here. You do not necessarily need to complete the tasks, as our team can take care of it after four hours, if you want us to take care of the matching! 

'Tasks Pending' will also display in the social network sites (such as Facebook) of your listings. Since we require additional steps (syncing up administrative pages, indicating the we've pulled up the correct social page, etc.), we want to notify you that in order to sync up, there is some action be taken on your end. 



Processing indicates that we are still working to sync up your customer's information to the listing site. Our standard processing time for listings is around 3-5 business days. 




When a listing is flagged as Live, it indicates that Yext has received confirmation that the business' information has successfully synced across to the site, and that any updates would process accordingly. Live listings will allow you to click the grey "View Listing" button to the right of the status, to view the full listing as it lives on the site. 

*Note: The status of a listing will remain as Live even if an update was just made. Please allow the standard processing time for updates to sync across. 

Our Submission-based Publishers take our data a bit differently from the rest of our Publishers. These listings will be flagged as "Live" but there will not be a "View Listing" button. This means that the data has been successfully submitted to the Publisher, but we do not have a means to confirm with a screen shot or URL. You will usually find this status in the instance of our GPS Software Publishers. 

*Note: Our Submission-based publishers do not take data as often as our other sites. You should see a site-specific notification for each site indicating how often they accept data, which will give you an idea of when to expect the "Live" status to appear. 


Opted Out: 


When a listing is Opted Out, we are not synced up with the site. No information will be sent from the Yext account to the Publisher. Opting Out is not a method to re-submit information to the listing. If you wish to manage a particular listing on the site directly, feel free to Opt Out as to not cause any conflict.



Unavailable listings should be relatively self-explanatory. We are unavailable to sync, submit, or connect with the site. Click on the "why?" to learn more about this Unavailable flag. If you feel it is in error, feel free to submit a request with to investigate further. Check out this Help Desk article to learn more about understanding unavailable listings!


Site-Specific Notifications:  


The last type of notifications you may come across are site-specific. If a particular Publisher has standards for content, can only take some of your information, or submits data less frequently, you may notice an exclamation point next to the Publisher's logo. Click the exclamation point to figure out exactly why! 

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