Adding categories to your clients’ listings is one of the most important steps you can take to enhance their searchability. Search engines and online directories use category information to determine which businesses will appear in particular searches. Your dashboard makes it easy for you to ensure that your clients’ businesses are properly categorized across their listings.

How to Add Categories

Once you’re logged in, click on the “Knowledge Manager” tab at the top of the page and select the location whose listings you’d like to categorize.

On this page, the Categories field is located in the “Core Information” section:

To add a category, click into the Categories field and click “Select Primary Category”. Next, type a key term in the empty field. To add additional categories, click the "+ Add a Category" link.  

*Note: You can only choose from our list of available categories.

Once you’ve found a primary category that describes the business, select it. You can repeat this process in the additional categories section until you have 10 categories total. Once you’re done adding categories, click “Save”. A warning message will appear listing out several best practices for adding categories. Select "I'd like to change my categories" to apply the changes you made, or select "Keep Current Categories" to discard the changes you made. 

How To Rank Categories

You should also arrange categories in order of importance. Our publisher listings will respect the order that you put them in, so the higher you place the category, the more weight it will be given in searches.

To start, simply click on the three horizontal lines located on the left-hand side of a category to drag it, then drop it into a more desired position:

Once you’re done arranging the categories, click “Save”.


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