Duplicate Suppression

Our system will automatically scan and alert you of any potential duplicates in your account, once a month. You can then log into your account to suppress or ignore them accordingly. 

Set Up Email Notifications
To set up email notifications for possible duplicates, head over to your Account Settings and update your “Notification Settings” accordingly.

View Possible Duplicates in the Dashboard
There are a few ways to check for duplicates inside the dashboard. One of these ways is by clicking into the “Listings” tab in the Dashboard which will bring you to the "Overview" sub-tab. If you have possible duplicates, you’ll see them under the "Suppress Duplicate Listings" section on the page with a blue link to suppress listings.


The second way to view possible duplicates is by navigating over to the "Listings" tab and clicking on the "Listings" sub-tab. If you have possible duplicates, you’ll see an orange bar across the top of your screen that you can click on to see the duplicates or click "Possible Duplicates" on the left-side.


How to Suppress Duplicate Listings

  1. Navigate to the “Listings” tab in the Dashboard
  2. Click “Possible Duplicates” on the left-hand side of the page
  3. Mouse over the desired listing and click “Possible Duplicates”
  4. Click “Suppress this Listing” to suppress the potential duplicate. Otherwise, click “Ignore this Listing”
  5. Click “Submit”




Note: The listing must be “Live” in order to suppress any potential duplicates of it.

View the Status of Your Suppression Requests
To view the status of your suppression request, visit the “Listings” tab in the dashboard and click into “Suppressions” from the green banner.


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