Google My Business Analytics FAQ

This article defines the most common questions about GMB Analytics.

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Why do I not see Google data for 18 months prior to today?

In order to maintain consistency with other Powerlistings data - Google stats will only be exposed once a Client has had a Powerlisting go live or back to 18 Months prior (whichever one happens first)

What does the Phone Calls metric signify?

Phone Calls indicates that someone has Clicked on the Phone Button, most likely on a Mobile Browser. It does not indicate that the call was confirmed to have been completed or dialed.


What is the difference between branded and unbranded search queries?

Branded searches are searches for a specific brand name. Unbranded searches are generally for services or products or categories of businesses. If you do a search on a google and you see the right Knowledge Panel show up that is generally a branded search. If the list of business shows up with different businesses, that is generally an unbranded search.


Why is my Branded visibility so low for my Locations?

In general, a local business (especially SMBs) is much more likely to show up in an unbranded search in the local area than a branded search. A plumber, for example, would show up in unbranded searches for water leak, plumber, pipe burst etc. They would only show up in branded search if a user searched for the exact plumber's name.


Pending final confirmation for Google - we also think Google is looking for very high similarity in brand name to the query name. Brands with somewhat difficult names or People Based Listings may experience lower Branded visibility


Why do I see drops or nulls in my Google Data on various Dates or for specific Locations?

We are reporting data exactly as Google has passed it along to us. Any nulls or drops in the data are attributed to the data that Google has provided to us and any missing data they may have experienced

If a search query results in multiple listings showing up how many search queries are counted?

The search query will be counted once per location. In this example, all three Gregory’s Coffee Locations will receive a search query. If you total up search queries across all three locations this 1 search query would count 3 times.


When you perform a Search and receive only a Local Pack without Clicking on any of the results, are there any Views logged?

Yes - Views are akin to Impressions so each time your Listing appears in the Local Pack a Search View will be counted.


I am trying to look at Google Data but the system says that there is no Data in the date range provided - why?

Double check that the customer is live on Google. If the locations are not yet verified on Google My Business then data will not be available.  


Once you Click on a Search Local Pack result, you are taken to an expanded place card with a combination of a Map:  


Does this register an additional Query?

  • No

Does this Count as a Search View or a Map View?

  • Search View

Do any of the results on the left-hand side count as Views?

  • TBD (Pending response from Google)

If I click on one of the same results from the left-hand bar but on the map, does that count as a Map View?

  • No. Still a search view.

If I then log another Search from this UI and Click on a Result on the left-hand side, is that a Search View or Map View?

  • Search View


If you zoom out or pan around on a map does that result in additional views?

Yes - These will result in additional Search/Map views as new places show up on the map.

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