How Do I Update My Review Generation Settings?

Review Generation is a powerful tool, and we want you to be in control of how you use it to help your clients.  

To access your customizable Review Generation settings, please visit the Account Settings section of your dashboard, and then select "Review Generation" from the left margin as seen below. 


Target Distribution of Reviews by Site

Is your client looking for more reviews on Google My Business and Yelp, and less concerned with Facebook reviews? No problem. Yext puts you in control of which sites you are gathering reviews on. To add sites and edit ratios, simply click into the graph. Once the graph become editable, you can add up to 10 sites and configure their target weights as seen below. 


General Settings

This section allows you to choose your desired First Party Reviews settings. 

Enable Review Submission Pages 

Be sure to enable this feature if you will be using Yext’s unbranded microsite to collect reviews. 

Enable Email Invitations

This feature allows you to select how many emails can be sent per location per day. The maximum number of invitations that can be sent per day is 200. 

Setting a Quarantine Period 

We recognize that your clients may be wary of asking customers for reviews, lest those customers leave negative reviews, which is why we developed a product functionality to allay that fear.

The Quarantine functionality of Review Distribution allows Yext customers to hold reviews for up to 7 days before they go live. This allows your clients to do proactive damage control that may resolve a bad review before it ever gets posted on their website.

This functionality also includes the ability to flag any truly inappropriate review content (bad language, hate speech, or content that’s irrelevant to the business location) and prevent it from being distributed.

Together, these controls allow you to protect your clients' brand while also maintaining the authentic, unfiltered review content that Google requires.


Algorithm Settings

Configure Algorithm

This feature allows you to address the rating and recency problems your client might be experiencing. Select one problem to address (below), or select them all in any order of your choosing. To rearrange, just click on the problem type and drag it to the desired rank. 

Recency: Help clients ensure each selected site has one review within the last month.

Your Website: Help clients generate more first-party reviews when a 1-star review is visible on their first page (within the last 5 reviews).

Rating: Help clients focus on selected sites that have a rating significantly below the location average.

Balancing Algorithm

Yext gives you the ability to optimize your balancing algorithm for reaching the target weighting distribution or optimize for more reviews, which means that we will send users to sites they're logged in on. 

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