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The Featured Message is a unique element of Yext accounts that allows you to set your client's business apart from others on search engine results. The Featured Message, which is displayed beneath the business name on search results pages, can hold 50 characters of text about the business such as a slogan, tagline, special offer, or call to action. You can also place the business website (or any website related to the business) in the URL field to make the featured message clickable.

We have found that Yext users who update the Featured Message once a month see up to three times more clicks to the listings. It is wise to change up the content of the message as you can track trends on what messages might be more enticing to potential customers or clients. Moreover, simply changing the content of the message shows that there is activity across all of the Yext listings, something that can help search engine optimization.

Here are some Featured Messages you may consider using, along with examples of each type.

1. Consultations and Estimates

If your client is a type of business where they might offer new client incentives such as lawyers, contractors, insurance companies, and doctors/surgeons, utilize the featured message to highlight this.

  • “Free consultation upon your first visit.”
  • “Free estimates!”
  • “Come in today for your free quote.”

2. Flexible Availability

If you want to highlight that the business has flexible hours, such as nighttime hours or emergency availability, you can tailor the featured message to emphasize that.

  • “Walk-ins welcome! Stop by today!”
  • “24/7 emergency service.”
  • “We have evening hours, come in after work!”

3. Deals and Coupons

If the client ever has special offers or discounts for the business, this is the perfect place to market that deal.

  • “Mention code ‘MAY14’ for 20% off next purchase:”
  • “Click here to see a list of our daily specials.”
  • “Every 5th coffee is free!”

4. Seasonal Specials

Is your client a seasonable business? This can be a great way to capitalize on a slower time of the year or push even more traffic to the listings during the busy season.

  • “Get your car tuned up for your summer road trip!”
  • “Click here for a list of our Holiday Specials.”
  • “Now booking campsites for August!”

5. Scheduling Appointments or Classes

Utilize the Featured Message to prompt people to schedule appointments or classes, if this is something that is relevant to the business. Be sure to use the URL field to link to the part of the business' website where people can book online.

  • “Click here to schedule an appointment online!”
  • “Now booking classes for July! Click Here!”
  • “Book online and save time!”

6. Media

If your client does not have a website, you can always use the URL field in the featured message link to social media, or any page on the internet that might be relevant to the business. Using the Featured Message to direct people to a Facebook Page, Youtube account, or Twitter page can be a great way to encourage customers to interact with your client's business on social media.

  • “Click to view our YouTube video!”
  • “Like us on Facebook!”
  • “Follow us on Twitter! Click to view our page!”

7. Slogans and Taglines

Got a catchy slogan or tagline for your client's business? Use the featured message as a space to highlight this slogan, this can help you create brand recognition!

  • “Keepin’ It Clean Since 1985”
  • “Serving Knoxville for Over 35 Years!”
  • “For All of Your Sporting Goods Needs”

8. Announcements and/or Business Updates

When you update information on your Yext account, it will update on the business' listings, but you can utilize  the Featured Message to draw extra attention to the changes that you made! The Featured Message will appear on the search results page of many of our publishers, so it is a great way to make sure you catch customer’s attention, and make them aware of the changes.

  • “We moved! Now Located at: 123 Red Road”
  • “We will be closed on Christmas. Happy Holidays!”
  • “New hours, we open at 9 on Wednesdays!”

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