How to Generate Reviews: Single Invite


Through your dashboard, you can choose to send a single invite to generate a review from a specific customer; or multiple invites to generate reviews from a larger audience. This article will cover how to send a single invite. If you would like to send multiple invites at once, click here

How to Send a Single Invite

1. Navigate to the "Reviews" tab in your Dashboard.

2. In the dark gray bar at the top of the page, click on the sub-tab titled "Generation".

3. Click on the "Generate Reviews" button.

 4. Click on the "Send a single invite" link.

5.  Choose the location for which you would like to generate a review.

 Fill out the contact information for the customer from whom you are requesting a review, and choose your preferred contact method (email or phone). 

7. Choose an invite template. (A preview for the selected contact method will appear on the side of the page. See how to preview templates for different devices in the next section of this article.)

8. Click on the "Send Invite" button.

How to Preview Template Designs

1. To preview the templates, re-visit the "Generation" sub-tab and click on the "Configure Templates" link. 

2. Click on the desired template to preview its design  

Note: To preview the template for a specific location, you can click on the "Select a location" drop-down menu. You can also preview how the email will appear on desktop email, mobile email, and text message display.



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