Troubleshooting The Google My Business API Sync

Are you seeing the following error on your Listing Scan results?
There are a couple of ways to troubleshoot this error, and to get your Google Scan Results back up-and-running. 
1. Check that your Google Developer Console settings are current. 

  •   Find the Google Places API key that you gave to Yext, and click on its name.
  •   Under Key restriction, select IP addresses (web servers, cron jobs, etc.).

  •   Under Accept requests from these server IP addresses, enter the following IP addresses, one at a time. Click outside the IP address text box once you’ve entered an IP address to enter another one.



 2. Double check the API Key you have put in to your Yext account.

Navigate to your Account Settings, and click on Account. Try removing, and re-adding your Google My Business API key. You will receive an error message if it is not valid. Double check in your developers console that your API key is up-to-date.

If you need additional assistance, feel free to reach out to our Partner Support team at!

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