Publisher Suggestions

Publisher Suggestions



With Publisher Suggestions, you can view user proposed updates directly in your Yext dashboard. You can choose whether or not to incorporate these suggested updates across your listings. In the Publisher suggestion tab, you can view:

  • Which site the suggestion came from
  • Which location the suggested change is for  
  • What content the user suggested changing
  • The total number of user generated suggested updates

You can also compare suggestions with the current listing information in your Yext account.

You’re always in control of your customer's location data. With Yext’s protective lock, these suggested edits cannot change your listing information without your approval.

How to approve publisher suggestions:

Navigate to the “Listings” tab and click into Publisher Suggestions from the green banner.  Next, you can select approve suggestions to the far right of the suggested edit. This edit will appear across all your listings, and will automatically update your Location Manager page. You can also reject suggestions by clicking the reject button to the far right of the suggested edit.

Receiving Suggestion alerts:  

Clients who use Google will receive alerts any time there is a new Publisher Suggestion.

Video Tutorial:

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