Duplicate Listing Scan

Duplicates are a huge problem for your clients, and we're committed to helping you solve it for them long term. Our solution doesn't end when you've suppressed one set of duplicate listings - Yext will continue to monitor our publishers and notify you if we detect any new duplicates.

We'll scan monthly for new duplicates and notify you of any we find. This will occur automatically every month on the date of your signup, and we'll send an email to the principal user on the account asking you to review the ones we've found and decide whether you'd like to suppress them.

Here's how that will look:


Keep in mind you do not need to wait for our scan to pick up duplicates if you've found one yourself. You can manually scan a given site at any time by going to your listings page, hovering over a publisher, and selecting 'suppress duplicates.'

And if for some reason our scan misses the duplicate you're after, you can use the 'submit URL' option to send in any listing for us to review and suppress.


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