How do I update my payment info

As a Yext Partner, you are responsible for keeping a valid credit card on file at all times.  Please note we can only have one default card on file at a time.  You can change the credit card on file for Yext at any time, but please note that the card on file should belong to you, as Yext should not be billing your clients directly.

Please follow these steps to update your default credit card information:

  1. Log into your Yext Partner account at
  2. Click on your name in the top right of the navigation bar, then click on Account Settings.
  3. Under Account Settings, click on Billing Settings on the left side bar.
  4. Click Add Credit Card.
  5. Under Card Details, enter the credit card number and expiration date.
  6. Under Billing Address, enter the name and address on file with the credit card company for this credit card.
  7. Check the box labeled "Make this the primary credit card on the account." (This step is important, because if you don't make this your default payment method, our system will not attempt to charge the card.)
  8. Click Add. The system verifies that the new credit card is valid and adds it to your account. Because you marked it as the primary card, it will be used for all future charges for Yext Listings.

After you have added a new credit card, the old one remains stored in your account, so that you can switch back to it later or use it for future purchases. As a stored card it will not receive any future charges. However, if you would prefer to remove it from your account, simply click on the Edit icon next to it, and then on the next screen, click Delete.

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