Local Phone Number Requirements


When you enter a toll-free number or a display number as the phone number for a client, we will also ask you to enter a local number.

If you have provided a toll-free or display number for your location, but not supplied the local number as requested, you may receive an indication in the Listings tab  that your listing cannot go live on certain sites (e.g. Yahoo! requires the local number when the main phone number is toll-free).

This article discusses the use of and requirements for the local number, and how to enter it into the system.


Some of our partners, e.g. Yahoo, require that we provide them with a local phone number in order to create a Yext listing.  If you have supplied a toll-free, tracked or display number for your location in the location tab, we need to collect a direct, non-toll-free number that we can provide to these partners to set up your Yext listing with them.

If you supply a toll-free, tracked or display number as your main number, we will always attempt to show this number with your listing rather than the additional local number you supply. However, you should realize that it is possible that the local number will be shown with your listing in some cases, so be sure to include a local number that you would be happy with showing on your listing.

Adding a Local Number

If the main number for a location is a toll-free or display number, you can add a local number to your listing with these steps:

  1. Log into your Yext Partner Dashboard account at and click on the Listings tab in the navigation bar.
  2. Click on the location for which you want to add a local number. 
  3. Click the current number listed.
  4. Click "Add more phone numbers"
  5. Enter your local phone number in the box labeled "Local Phone"
  6. Click Save.  Your local phone number is saved.

Once you complete these steps, if the affected client location was not live on Yahoo or another partner because it had no local number, the situation will be corrected within 24-48 hours.

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