Invalid Address: How to Fix the Issue

Sometimes you might see that the address you input for your client gets flagged as invalid. This is to ensure that we are sending our Publishers the best possible data, and we will not send your client's information out until it is resolved. Before contacting Support, here's a few suggestions on how to resolve the issue!
When the address you input for a client is flagged as invalid that means that it wasn't automatically recognized by our mapping system. 
  • Before contacting Support about the issue, try Googling the address you used to see if Google Maps has a different spelling or zip code.
  • We also suggest testing the address in the the USPS zip code checker to make sure the address is valid.
  • If either website suggests something different from what you've put in the Yext account please update the address to match what Google or the USPS website provides, as that typically resolves the issue. 
  • If you update the address to what is provided on Google/USPS website, and the invalid address flag is still on the listings please email

*Important Notice: If your customer’s address does not have a street number, which is applicable for countries such as Ireland and the UK, please pin the business location on the map and contact Global Support requesting to endorse this action.

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