Customers Already Subscribed to Yext

When signing up a new customer, it is possible that the customer already has a subscription with Yext – this is called a duplicate location.

If our system detects that a new sign-up is a potential duplicate, you will receive a notification when you try to add a subscription.  If you are unsure about this, please email for clarification.  If you are sure that this is not a duplicate, you can continue anyway.  Please note that this will not automatically reflect in the dashboard, as we send the pending order to our Ops queue for review. If it is not a duplicate, the order will be processed as it normally is; if it is a duplicate,
we will reject the order. Turnaround time is between 1-2 business days, though
most orders will be processed within a few hours.

If a duplicate location does make it through and is detected after the subscription has been activated, we will cancel and credit the amount in full, and will send notification of this within 3-5 business days.

There are 4 different scenarios Partners may encounter with a duplicate:

  • Customer is signed up with you already
  • Customer is signed up in an Enterprise account
  • Customer is signed up directly with Yext
  • Customer is signed up by another Partner

To find out which scenario applies to your customer, ask them! Most customers
are aware of previously purchased services, and you can usually find out very
quickly by simply asking. If the customer is unsure though, please contact with the customer’s Name, Address and Phone
Number and we can provide more information.

Customer is already signed up with you

  • Sometimes Partners mistakenly try to create a new account for a customer they have previously signed up.
  • You may not sign up a location that has the same Address and Phone Number as an existing location.
  • If you would like to “swap out” duplicate locations for any reason, please contact
  • Each location must be different from any existing location by having at least 2 out of 3 unique NAP (Name, Address, Phone) fields.

Customer is signed up in an Enterprise account

  • If an Enterprise client has a corporate relationship with Yext, they are generally managing all locations associated with that business.
  • This applies to franchise locations too; if a corporate relationship is in place, this indicates that the franchise brand is in control of the digital marketing management right for the franchise locations.

Customer is signed up directly with Yext

  • In these cases, the Customer needs to cancel the current subscription before you can sign them up.
  • To cancel, the Customer needs to contact our small business support department at (888) 921-8247.  They can be reached Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST.
  • Yext will verify the cancellation request, stop service immediately, and issue a pro-rated refund to the Customer.
  • When the account has been cancelled, you can proceed with signing up the Customer.

Customer is signed up by another Partner

  • The Customer needs to cancel his subscription with the current provider before you can sign them up.
  • If the Customer is unsure who their current provider is, they can contact for more information about the account.
  • Yext will not disclose Partner-Customer relationships to another Partner.
  • When the current Partner cancels, you will be able to proceed with signing up the Customer directly.
  • If the customer is having trouble cancelling with their current provider, please have the client email
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